Saturday, May 9, 2009

AmFast 0.3.0 Released!

The latest version of AmFast is out. In addition to the changes listed below, the documentation has been updated, and there are several new examples.

  • Producer/Consumer messaging via HTTP polling.
  • Channels and ChannelSets allow resources to be exposed in multiple ways.
  • Built in Channels for CherryPy, Twisted Web, and straight-up WSGI.
  • Easy to configure authentication for NetConnection and RemoteObject.
  • Connection objects hold session attributes tied to Flex client id.
  • Customizable Endpoints to encode/decode messages with external encoding/decoding libraries.
  • PyAmfEndpoint to encode/decode messages with pure Python, with no C compiler dependencies.

  • Read and write to file-like-objects or strings (using strings is much faster).
  • Automatic type conversion.
  • amfast.class_def.as_types.AsProxy and amfast.class_def.as_types.AsNoProxy allow overriding 'use_collections' and 'use_proxies' settings for a individual objects.
  • readExternal and writeExternal methods of the IEXTERNALIZABLE interface accept different parameters to make custom encodings easier.
  • amfast.encoder.Encoder and amfast.decoder.Decoder: Wrappers around amfast.encode and amfast.decode, so you don't need to pass the same arguments every time you encode or decode.

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  1. Hello, I am receiving concatenated AMF3 messages in the same TCP/IP package. The AMFast decoder only returns the first message. How can I do to read both messages? Thanks, great work, and sorry for the english.