Thursday, January 22, 2009

PyAMF SQLAlchemy Adapter

PyAMF 0.4 was recently released, and the new code contains SQLAlchemy support by default, plus a bunch of other cool new features and bug fixes.

Check out my example Flex/PyAMF/SQLAlchemy project for ideas of how to get started with PyAMF and SQLAlchemy.


  1. Great info. My next project is probably going to be a Django backed site with a Flex/Flash/Air front-end. I keep dithering about whether to use something else so I can use SQLAlchemy though...

    Also, not to hijack your comments (couldn't find an email), but we're starting up a new Python user's group here in Tucson and it would be great if you'd like to join. We've got pyAMF on the slate for future topics already, so maybe you'd like to share what you've learned?
    We've just begun, so we only have our group list so far:

    Cheers! Lucas

  2. i'm interested with your work in about PyAMF specially addressbook sample (pyamf+sqlalchemy+flex)
    may i know your email to discuss further about that??
    because right now i'm doing with same project...